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08 Oct 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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try media center master for meta data , i only use it for my movies data, once i sorted all my files its easy to stay on top of,
when it gives you the wrong data(rarely!) i put in a title i made up. it wont recognise it and gives you the option to enter the imdb number then you can find it manually ,failing thats if its a coverart you can find one in google images and name it folder and put it in the root folder of the movie
what i do personally is just drag the movie over to MCM manually and wait for it to start looking be sure to only have the movie name and year, not file type
MCM here
Media Center Master official website
I will give MCM a try. I wanted to use a 3rd party program to store the meta data locally. Since I will be adding Multiple clients that will all access the same Movie Library, I figured having the meta data stored locally was the best route to go.

I have removed Yammm and I am installing MCM as I type.

looked at the moviedb and see why it's pulling a western.
There is not a good poster for the night before christmas, so I went and found the book cover and cleaned it up some for you. You can get it here.

As for the info, you need to edit the xml in the movie folder and change the <TMDbID> to <TMDbID>39894</TMDbID> then refresh yammm and it should pull the right info for the movie. If not you can still go to the Movie on the DB and edit in the info your self
I was able to use the image that you provided and that solved the problem. I also went in and changed the TMDbID as well. The only thing is now, is the main picture has changed, but the backdrop that comes up with I highlight the movie is still the old image. I know that it is MB doing this but not for sure how to change that. Should I just disable MB's meta data function for the moment? Renable it after I use MCM to get all of the Meta Data?
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