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08 Oct 2010  


If your SATA drive shows up on the "Where do you want to Install Windows" screen then it doesn't need the SATA drivers, which are all in the installer. You could try loading them at the "Load Drivers" link below the window but the drive wouldn't show in windows if they're needed. To find the drivers, find the file the chipset .exe unzipped to, probably in the C: root. It is okay to run it again.

Reset the CMOS: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

What is the SATA controller setting in BIOS? Try AHCI first.

The DISKPART "Clean all" steps given in BarefootKid's tutorial do not format the HD, they overwrite all code with zeroes which is often needed in cases like this. Did you do this? Add to the commands in Step Two to Create partition the following commands after Create Partition Primary:
Select Partition 1

As a last resort, delete partitioning on SATA HD, plug in IDE and clone it to SATA using free Acronis cloning software on your HD model's Support Downloads webpage if you have WD or Seagate. Otherwise save a backup image externally from IDE, swap drives, boot DVD to reimage SATA.
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