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11 Oct 2010  
hello people

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Questions about initial setup

Hi everyone...I have some probably dumb questions...but I have to try to ask anyway...

1. Do you think there is a period of kind of 'run in' that is natural for a newly installed system? I'm talking about after you have all your bios, services, OS, software, programs tweaks out of the there a period for a new PC build where it kind of settles in like a house? Is a fresh PC build prone to some glitches? The reason I ask is because my W7 build (about 2 weeks old) tonight failed to start and got a repair/ or start Windows normally message...just kind of out of the blue it was...I powered off, disconnected the HD cables, reconnected, and it booted up the next time

2. Is it a myth that installing the OS and software on an unpartitioned HD of around 1TB is foolish? I mean, would you be crazy to do that? Use a 1TB HD, unpartitioned for the OS...

3. SSD's...are they reliable right now? How glitchy are they? What are some respected work horses in the SSD field?

4. Can you partition a hard drive after you have installed the OS and all your software? I want to maybe try to partition this 1TB hard drive that has my OS and programs etc

Well...I thought I had more questions but I can't think of any more right now. I'm a bit rattled about my new build. Thinking about a reinstall onto an SSD and using my 2 1TB drives as backup

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