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11 Oct 2010  
mickey megabyte

ultimate 64 sp1

1 - the only run-in period is a couple of boots, then everything should be settled in. if your install is showing glitches, then you have a problem - it's not normal.

2 - i'm not sure if foolish is the right word, but it is certainly advisable to keep your data and os on seperate partitions. 1 tb is an awful waste of space for windows 7 - unless you plan on installing lots of huge apps.

3 - modern ssd's are reliable and glitch-free. i haven't got one myself yet, but plan to, so cannot recommend a particular model, you just have to read some reviews.

4 - yes - you can do this from within windows 7 with no extra software needed - here's a tutorial.


*edit* oops Bill2 there first, with better answers
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