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11 Oct 2010  
hello people

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

100gig is 102400

PS...that partition guide seems to be explaining how to do it for an empty hard hd already has the OS and software installed on it.

Is it the same process? Will I wipe my HD if I try to shrink it now?

I have another question I just thought of:

When I installed my PC...all I did was plug the 2 sata Seagate 7200 1TB drives into the sata sockets...I let bios or whatever auto detect what I had...should I do anything extra? Should I configure some sort of Raid array or anything?

Sorry...I'm not the best at computers. I'm not the worst...but I'm not the best...not even the average

Ok...edit again...I did partition them...I split each 1TB drive in half basically. So at least that's something.
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