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11 Oct 2010  

Linux Mint with Windows 7 in Virtualbox

Whoops- I don't think I was reading properly!

When I install Windows with a dual boot, I don't want the same problems I had before like it getting infected by malware causing BSOD's and things like that. Please check out my other threads I did several months ago, before I switched to Linux.The main reason why my laptop kept on getting infected is because when I give my laptop to my parents, who don't know much about computers (only the basics like Googling and they only use it to find products and to shop online), the laptop usually gets infected my malware...

But now I've found a "possible solution" - using a sandbox...Which is the best sandboxing program out of these?
(feel free to suggest something that's not on the list )

And because I don't know much about sandboxing, will it keep malware out of my computer when my parents are using the web accessing random websites?
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