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11 Oct 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate
Left-hand bar in Explorer or Browse Files boxes to look like XP.

So, the left-hand bar is supposed to represent the desktop, and the contents on it, like in XP. I'd like to make it look more normal.

1. I want to remove: libraries, favorites, homegroup, and network. When you remove them, they just come back. Even if they aren't on the desktop. What gives?

2. I want to add My Documents above My Computer. And have My Computer defaulted to being opened (so I can see my drives.)

3. I would like the Recycling Bin to appear.

4. I would like "Desktop" to be atop the list, as that is how it makes the most sense to me.

Is there a way to re-enact this through Libraries? Or to actually make it happen? Or a different program? What's the deal though, the Windows 7 look is so... illogical and unorganized and cluttered.
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