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11 Oct 2010  

Windows 10 Pro (x64)

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I have no problem I am just giving it to you straight. Should I lie and paint everything with rainbows and fluffy bunnies for you?

So you understand my response I'll break it down.

Now any idea how to hide or remove the lot of those options?
Or to get my "My Documents" folder to display "My Documents" instead of my name?
The folder with your username is not My Documents it resides in side this folder so...No.
What on Earth dude? You can hide or remove a lot of those, I found out how, so off the bat you're giving false information.
You asked do I have any idea how..., you didn't ask if there was a method.
And I don't know cause I don't care to look for a method.

I am sure there is a way to start with My Computer displaying out. I just have to find out how.
Then find one.

And I have found how to rename Favorites, Libraries, Homegroup, Computer, and Network. So I am sure renaming "User Name" is very possible.
Well then do it?

And past that, I don't understand your ire over the situation. If I rename "User Name" to "My Documents" and then delete the internal "My Documents" folder, what do you care? What did I do to ruin Windows 7?
Who said I cared? I don't. I'm only giving you information. I could careless what you do. So why the attitude? But like I said should I paint everything with rainbows and fluffy bunnies for you?
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