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12 Oct 2010  

Win 8 Release candidate 8400

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Hello all,

Just did a mild OC'ed on my AMD Phenom II X6 1090T. Just got started so I starts with a small amount (3.3 GHz vs 3.2 stock).

At any rate I have been using All CPU Meter since my AMD Phenom II X4 965BE (never OC'ed tho). Now comparing side by side with Core Temp. You can see Core Temp is display close to my target clock speed vs All CPU Meter stuck @ 3.2.

Once in a while when AMD Turbo kicks in Core Temp will jumped up to about 3.7GHz but All CPU Meter still stuck at 3.2GHz.

When AMD C&Q kicks in Core Temp will droped to about 850MHz where All CPU Meter will droped to about 800MHz.

I have been uninstalled and reinstalled All CPU Meter about 10 times - no joy.

Any suggestion?


Different apps monitor differently. There will always be a small difference between the two. Why is that a problem?

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