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12 Oct 2010  

Win 8 Release candidate 8400

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Different apps monitor differently. There will always be a small difference between the two. Why is that a problem?


Reason I asked because when I had AMD Phenom II X4 965BE running stock clock @ 3.4GHz Core Temp and All CPU Meter agreed with each other.

Now, I am running X6 OC'ed slightly to 3.3GHz.. all of the sudden Core Temp and All CPU Meter aren't agree with each other any more.

Even when I was trying to find my maximum values, I clocked it all the way up to 3.7. Core Temp followed up to 3.7GHz while All CPU Meter standing still @3.2 ???

Why not 3201MHz or 3202MHz? Think about it.

I can see 10Mhz or even up to 50MHz. That I will buy "small difference" but 500MHz that is something isn't right.

CPU-Z also, AMD Overdrive also agreed with Core Temp, they all displayed within 5~10MHz from each other. But All CPU Meter always stuck at 3.2GHz.

Sorry if I bothered you.
No bother. I had the same problem and spent about two weeks trying to figure it out. I went to the developers and finally found out it is in the way the app monitors the voltage and where.

Sorry if I sounded snarky, but because I went through the same I was curious. I finally gave up and took the average of the two. when the rig settled down I know I was in the right ballpark
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