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19 May 2009  

Windows 7 Retail

I'm not a fan of Mac products, but I really like the default desktop wallpaper for OSX. So I took the wallpaper, stamped my name on it with W7, and themed my desktop accordingly. I love my desktop.

My Computer
External Hard Drive
Network Places
Recycle Bin Empty (Allows me to drag trash into it.)
Show Desktop

Profiles Folder (Where I keep all of my icons, wallpapers, sounds etc. for targeting.)
Filesharing download folder.

Games Folder
Microsoft Office Folder
Adobe Folder
Gimp (Image Editor)
Second Life (3D Virtual World Platform)
Trading Station (Forex Trading Platform)
ImgBurn (CD/DVD/Virtual Image burner/editor)
Super C (Audio/Video conversion)
DVD Shrink (Shrinks movie DVDs)
EasyCleaner (Registry Cleaner)
uTorrent (Filesharing on Bittorrent network)
KCeasy (Filesharing on Gnutella, Ares, OpenFT)
Trillian (IM Chat Platform)

Sphinx VFC (Firewall)
Avira Antivir (Anti Virus/Malware)
USB Hard Drive
Internet Connection
Show Desktop Panel

I really don't like pins at all for so many reasons. They just make a huge mess out of my Taskbar. If I didn't have ObjectDock, I would have definitely set up a Quickl Lunch on my taskbar. W7 doesn't allow you to turn a folder into an edgebar like previous versions of Windows did. If it did, I might not have installed ObjectDock at all. The problem with ObjectDock is that it doesn't expand folders that are docked to it. Just like edgebars, you cannot place a folder onto it so that the folder expands when you hover over it. That's why I set up an 'Applications' toolbar in my Taskbar. As seen in the 2nd image, if I open the 'Applications' toolbar, the folders inside it expand beautifully. Even the W7 Start Menu doesn't do this. You have to navigate all of your Start Menu programs right inside of that Start Menu rectangle.
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