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15 Oct 2010  

Windows 7 x64, Windows XP SP3, Fedora


From the verifier log
[10/15/10,17:59:39] Launching process 'Netfx40TestApplication.exe' now
[10/15/10,17:59:39] Process successfully launched. Waiting 300 seconds for it to complete.
[10/15/10,17:59:39] ****ERROR**** Process 'Netfx40TestApplication.exe' exited with return code -2146232576
[10/15/10,17:59:39] ****ERROR**** Verification failed for product .NET Framework 4 Client
I have .NET 4 on this system and no Netfx40TestApplication.exe - so I assume this is part of TurboCAD (or another 3rd Party verifier?)

In that case it appears the problem is with the .NET install. This is strange as earlier in the log it listed that most of the expected components of .NET 4 were present.

Try another .NET test - if you can run this installer (ie; get as far as being able to choose the install directory) without errors then .NET 4 is working - Download details: Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4
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