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16 Oct 2010  

W7-Enterprise + WS-2008 (Converted to Workstation)

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Thanks Corrine. One thing I found interesting in that article was the last statement in the last paragraph:
...the machines that were compromised were running Linux.
Now that IS interesting, as Linux PR likes to tell you that their software is unbeatable.
Linux IS safe.

but Linux is actually not an operating system, Linux is only the kernel.
when you package the kernel with other software you get a "Linux-distribution", an Operating System like fx. Debian, Ubuntu, Suse etc.

but, regardless of operating system, of course you have to configure the computer correctly if itīs going to be secure....

read my previous post above. ↑

ps. if you want to try a Linux-system, then i recommend Ubuntu or one of itīs variants, Kubuntu / Xubuntu....
iīve tried several Linux-systems and Kubuntu is one of my favourites together with Debian.
a brand new version (10.10 was relased just a few days ago, on 101010 (a nice "BINARY" date)

(October 10 2010)
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