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19 Oct 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Random Rebooting, Need Help After Many Attempts to Resolve

Hey everyone!

To begin, my system specs are in my profile but I can post them here if that is preferred.

I have had a nightmare with this thing, and I need some help.

You see, I built it just fine but when I did the processor was overheating. After complying to Intel's requests to check many other things they finally let me RMA the old processor, and to be on the safe side I got a new heatsink for it too. Now the new processor runs just fine at 40C (maximum), and I had a perfectly running computer for a few days.

Now, it randomly restarts for what appears to be no reason. I called all of the manufacturers of my parts for help, and they all offered the same general advice.

I began by checking if everything was installed correctly. I thought it was and got a second, confirming opinion from someone else. I have referred to all of my manuals numerous times as well.

After all of that, I first checked if the RAM cards were the problem. I found that neither one is a problem on its own and the CAS latency that I have set for them (or rather, that the mobo set for them) was indeed correct.

I then looked at the website for my hard drive and got the program they recommended to check for errors on it. That came out clean but to be sure I also used the Windows Installation Disk's repair options to check my memory, which also came out fine. (I'm not actually sure if that checked my RAM or the hard drive...)

I am also assuming that the CPU is fine because I just got it RMA'd...and I'll have more on why in a moment.

Now I am not sure if it is the mobo itself or perhaps my video card. I was told that it could be the power supply but in that case the problem would be happening less frequently, more like once a month or so to begin, than almost every time I log in to Windows.

I also checked that automatic updating wasn't on and somehow causing problems, as well as the sleep mode options.

Then I tried reinstalling Windows, just to be sure. Now I'm currently stuck trying to enter the product key and everything before the computer resets itself.

After that I tried cleaning the RAM and Video Card slots to be sure there was no dust in there causing the problems. (I am aware that with my case being high air flow that dust could cause problems in the future for me if I do not keep it all clean.)

Then I tried the advanced boot options to tell it not to restart when it encounters an error so that I could get in there and find out what the error has been. No luck there.

What I really don't get is that it NEVER reset itself while I played games, except in two instances when I tried starting up a game. (I built this as a gaming computer.) It always reset itself while I was doing less intensive operations, which is why I thought it might have been a software problem and not a hardware problem.

And to be clear, it is not a heat issue. The CPU monitor I have (I can look up what it's called if you would like) as well as the GPU monitor I have tell me that those two parts are fine and at normal temperatures. I would consider that the power supply might somehow me overheating, but if that were the case then the whole thing would turn off at once, but instead my monitor just turns off and then the sound and everything else goes.

So...does anyone have any idea what I should do?
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