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19 Oct 2010  


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Blizzard is a horrible company now anyways, since they got merged with Activision, they just Sue people for sh!t reasons, and charge you money monthly to play their games. That's why I WILL NEVER BUY AND PLAY a Blizzard game EVER again. MY REASON IS NOT BECAUSE OF HACKS... Blizzard is just Spewing Excuses to make money.
I want you to spend a little over half a billion dollars developing a video game or any software, find out there is a day one activation hack.... Wouldn't you press charges as well?
well im not sure but i think more than half of the money used to create a game goes into making it "hack proof" so the one who dont buy the game cant play it.

but lets be honest there is no way any expensive countermeasure will hold. i think i read a while back that after 3 years the protection on playstation 3 feel.

my advice dont use the money on somthing that will eventualy break. make the game with out it cheaper...sell it for less and more will buy it...

and besides do they think they will get the money they are suing for ? its not like they have that kind of money in ther pigs. i mean the ones where you put moeny it.. well atlest when you where litlle...
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