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24 Oct 2010  

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

Hi there
Maybe I'm being obtuse or have mis understood something but WHY on EARTH would I want a WEB BROWSER to read an EXCEL File. (or other office app file).

(Don't confuse with GETTING data from the web directly with EXCEL ==> Get external data -- that's a totally SEPARATE issue and a really good feature in EXCEL anyway).

Usually if I'm doing something with EXCEL or Powerpoint etc I need to run macros, do a "What If" calculation or use the REAL application itself.

In any case there are FREE downloadable VIEWERS for all these Office APPS available from the Microsoft site itself.

Not quite sure of the usefulness of this -- unless it's a future trend where more and more of the OS Kernel will actually be incorporated into the browser - and under EU regs stupid though they are - this won't be allowed as other Browsers have to be offered as choice.

Usually as well if I'm travelling by train or if I have to by Plane and working with MS Office I can't be bothered with connecting to the net on hideously slow public wi-fi connections

-- just try if you are in the UK taking East Coast train from London Kings X to Doncaster / York / Newcastle to logon to the train's public wi-fi system competing with the other 500 passengers or so all wanting to download email etc etc. It's so slow as to be USELESS for any real time work.

If I've misunderstood something then I'll take it back but I'm at a total loss here to work out the point of these web apps.

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