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24 Oct 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
In big need of BSOD minidump help!

My old computer got its mobo fried a couple of months ago.
I pretty much just bought a new and plugged in all the old parts in the new mobo.

Everything worked fine enough, except that I couldnt plug in all of my ddr2 mem
my new mobo only supported 2 slots of ddr2 and 4 ddr3 slots. To make a long story shorter it all ended with me buying new ddr3 mem new cpu and mobo(again)

Plugged it in, but everything was quite unstable, i had a lot of BSODs all the time, could pretty much only use the computer for up til 5 mins.
Dont think i had it even one time with the old system. I realized i needed to fix the registry or make a new windows install. It ended with a format and a new windows installation , thought everything was fine. I had no BSOD later that day, but one strange thing occured: when i tried to wake my system from hibernation/sleep mode, i noticed that it started running like normal, but my screen was black, it didnt get any signal.

Nothing helped with that, so ive just turned off hibernation/sleep mode.
One of the times it happened it actually helped to change the cable from the 1st dvi to the second dvi contact, only one time though and i think thats the only time anything have helped.

through all this when installing windows and programs afterwards, installing and updating would fail. First the windows install itself, had to retry 4 times, the 3 first said corrupt data in the install file(not on the cd, but on the harddrive), fourth time it worked. Win update afterwards was really problematic, think i had to reinstall several times with most updates especially the newer ones.

This has occured during several other program installations.

Mozilla crashes whenever u start using it "more than little"

Mostly my system crashes whenever its "busy", hdd, mem and cpu working for more than 50 %

i know there is a firmware update for my system drive but i havent dared to try and install it(when i tried bootablecd with memtest86 it hanged) and that would probably fry my disc.

I need help bad! Trying a lot of things, but idont seem to get anywhere.

my system is

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T


(Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333MHz 4GB CL9 2x2GB ) X2

ATI Radeon HD4850 not sure about manufacturer, just havent looked it up

Samsung W2443

ST31000333AS (SEAGATE) system disc(only half a year old with win 7 x64 ultimate)

WDC WD10EADS-00P8B0 (2,5 year old system disc with vista oem on)

MIST 550 W
My System SpecsSystem Spec