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25 May 2009  

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

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no os wars here...
the net...
Hi there
I use and LIKE W7 so its not an OS war.

The design of Linux is based (like older "Classical OS" design) on having a "Protected" smallish kernel to provide the main system services and then other functionality is loaded as and when required such as Modules for hardware drivers and GUI's ( The whole GUI system in Linux is run via a generic "X-Server" module which then loads up the "Window Maker" of your choice such as GNOME, KDE. XFCE etc.

Even the file system is "modular" . If the kernel has support for the relevant file system then you can use it. It's actually even more generic now as the main file system driver is based on the "FUSE" support which allows read and write to a very large number of file systems including NTFS.

Linux basically was a Unix derivative - so the whole idea of a GUI was an added afterthought - but because of the modular nature of the OS could be implemented without a fundamental re-design of the OS.

Windows on the other hand was designed as a GUI from the start which makes it rather difficult to change almost anything without re-writing the whole system.

There probably is a lot in Windows that people could do without in some cases but since in any case the GUI is 100% linked with the OS it will need a major re-fit to slim it down a lot.

Also Linux has a lot of open source components which is why optimising it is a lot simpler to do than in Windows -- the disadvantage here in Linux is that there are almost as many different distributions as there are native plants on the planet. This means that you can't always ensure your hardware will work on different distros.


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