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09 Nov 2010  


As Dwarf as stated, its best to look at the manufactures laptop model download website and read just what are the changes in the bios, another words why the new version. If it will NOT benefit your machine, its best not to flash the bios as this sometimes can cause a complete meltdown, not literally, but you might just make a door stop out of it and for what, ...a newer bios that didn't help your system in any way.

However if you read that the new bios version (this one or any future) would benefit your system, then it might be worth more reading, printing instructions on how to go about updating it as not all systems update the same way. Most times you download the file to easy location like, (make folder) C:\BiosUpdates and extract the file. Then read the "ReadMe" if there is one or continue to follow the manufactures instructions to the tee.

Honestly, when it comes to the bios, if a new version does your system with no improvements, its not worth the risk.

Also, some laptop manufactures will only allow you to install their drivers, including Graphics like nVidia. Its like that with my Dell ATI X1400 Mobile Graphics, I cannot go to ati (even tried ati modder) and down load their latest, I have to get from dell. But with Seven, It gave me a decent driver with full rez (15.4 @1680x1050) with the pop-up when connecting external monitors. I don't have the Catalyst Control Center tho. But I don't game on this so its works fine. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Good Luck with your Lappy!
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