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13 Nov 2010  

Windows 7
Prior drive - sharing

Hey all, new here and did some searching but my problem is unique and hope there's a work around.

My prior PC failed about 2 weeks ago. Would not boot. The HD in that PC was partitioned 4X (300 GB Maxtor) with pics and music stored on the partitions but because other family come over and share the PC, I have admin account and guest to where guest doesn't have access to our pics/music etc (folders not shared and protected). I did try a new video card thinking that was it but no luck so I gave up and put together a barebone and just received it this week.

So I pulled the HD from the old PC into the new one (SATA worked) and do get the partitions (E, F and G drives in explorere). I was happy at 1st! Here's the problem. I can't view the files in the unshared folders of the slave even if I am the admin on the new PC. I can open all folders etc but can't save downloads to the drive, open any of my old pics, files etc, only getting basic "you don't have permissions to access this file/information" as if I'm guest on my old PC. I go and try to enable sharing but it does not work (it goes through the process and it shows the admin as having sharing access but when I try - nada). I even tried booting up from the old drive but it flashes "Windows XP" as if going to install then reboots and starts up from new drive Windows 7 (possibly the old HD boot partition was the original problem with the old PC, just a thought).

So my question is how do I access my slave drive partitions that were enabled NOT to share on my prior PC?

I hope this makes sense.
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