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17 Nov 2010  


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It would be worth opening Paragon Partition Manager 11 Demo while in safemode as should have no restrictions stopping it from opening in safemode.

Have you ran a HDD test? Run this Seatools Test to to test the drives. If you are running on RAID 0 system, I would run the test from the DOS (CD) mode to avoid conflicting results. If you've changed your Motherboard and reinstalled Windows it can only be the HDD or some software installed!

Is there programs that do open?

Hi Thanks for your reply.

Before changing my motherboard, I managed to run a full test with another software not Paragon, because there was something already wrong with Call Of Duty and Paragon partition, and at that time I had 2 drives in RAID mode, and still no bad sectors were found, it was completely safe and 100% in good shape.

Then after removing the RAID setup and re-installed Windows 7 x64 I tried again but still no good. I noticed the other software I used to run a hard disk check (which I forgot the name) , the first time when I install it, it works well, the second time I try to run it, it keeps showing waiting to to search for hard drives and keeps on going without being able to use it and have to close it down.

I am thinking maybe it could be something wrong with the Ram? Can it be ? Or maybe there is some setting in the BIOS that is effecting ram or windows applications because both mobos are ASUS. The new one is a P5Q Pro Turbo and the previous one was a P5N-T Deluxe.

Tonight when I get home I'll try to switch ram and try the software and then try installing the windows on a other hard disk other then the 2 which I used for the RAID system before.

In the meantime I am open to suggestions, because what is making the whole story strange is that both hard drives in RAID setup showed no errors or bad sectors. Maybe i'll try to check them separately on another PC.
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