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17 Nov 2010  

Windows 7 64 & Ubuntu 64

Ok I pulled the PCIx1 card that was running fine to see if the hot one will run cooler today.

Its a fairly big case, just a lot of stuff in there I guess. Its the Asus Mobo that has the pci slots as close as they are...

A liquid system would be sweet but way more than I can afford.

What doesnt make any sense is this system ran fine for a year with both video cards & everything else with the cover on under a tv stand that allowed even less air flow & it ran perfect.

I just booted the computer up with the 1 graphics card, so far its not hot, but we'll see how it is after a few hours.

What kind of case mods can I do if it is an air flow is an issue? I have to have both video cards, so a solution has to be found.

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