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17 Nov 2010  


I tried both a fresh copy and also an old downloaded copy ( just in case there was a virus around ) but still same result. I now reinstalled my old RAID 0 setup, both formatted and downloaded a fresh copy demo from their site, and not working, also tried it on a laptop with WIN 7 x64 installed and also didn't work, do there must be something wrong with paragon and windows 7 x64 systems! My question is, why the hell did it work the first time i downloaded it and then stopped?! .....Strange......

Also, after reinstalled my RAID and also Win 7 , Call of Duty was back to working, until I installed the latest windows updates. I am thinking .Net framework 4 is the problem for Call of duty, my problem is that I cannot uninstall it the usual way from add or remove programs, so I cant test if it was the cause for Call of Duty not working, i'll have to reinstall windows and leave that update out!!

Still, if someone out there could explain to me whats wrong with Paragon Partition Manager, PLEASE HELP ME!!
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