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19 Nov 2010  

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What and you thought the US government would stop at healthcare reform. Remember we can't be trusted to know whats best for us, we all need the government to tell us what to eat, drink and what and where to surf. Big government it's where the jobs are !
I'm sorry, but do you really, honestly think that making health care available to more people at a more reasonable cost is comparable to reducing peoples rights? Name one way that health care reform has hurt you in any valid way (i.e. arguing that your taxes might go up is not a valod argument, but if the legislation some how caused you to lose your health care plan, that would be valid).

A bit more on topic...I fully support copyright laws, but I can see how this could cause a multitude of problems. For example, youtube, dispite their best efforts, host a lot of copyrighted material that has not been approved to be on there. What is to keep this new law from leading to youtube being taken down? Image hosting sites often have copyrighted pictures hosted on them. What's to stop those sites from being destroyed? I understand the intentions, but Hitler started WWII doing what he thought would be best for his nations people. We all saw how that worked out.
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