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22 Nov 2010  
Niels Ebbe Huus


Quick note though... it wont work with HD recordings. So, if you are recording BBC HD using a DVB-S2 card (Hauppauge card in mine) then beware of the bit that states
<QUOTE>Del "v\Recorded TV\conert\*.wtv"</QUOTE>

Anybody any idea what the answer there might be. I guess that we need to only copy SD TV over to the convert folder....[/QUOTE]

Here we have a problem. TV recordings from a HD or MPEG4 channel can not be burned. When I try to do so in WMC the error messages comes: this file format is not supported. I have bought Nero 10 because they told me that it burned WTV files, but I realize that it is only from MPEG2 channels. I have been asked to send a file to Nero and they replied that there was no sound track in it. But the WTV file played with sound in my Win 7 Windows Media Center, and Nero Media Hub10. But where does Microsoft hide the audio file. On the burned DVD I can only se Video_TS files.
Then I have tried WTV to AVI, but it gave the result:
"Directshow error: The video format not support! This WTV file has H264 format. Please try WTV H264 to Mpeg Converter"
Who can solve this problem????
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