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22 Nov 2010  
Niels Ebbe Huus

WTV files from MPEG4 channels to AVI

WTV files recorded TV from a HD or MPEG4 channel cannot be burned. When I burn a DVD there are only the video_ts files but no Audio. I think Microsoft hide the audio files in another folder, but where and why? a TV recorded file from a MPEG 4 channel can be played in WMC and Nero Media Hub10 but not burned: "The file format is not supported" says the program. I have tried WTVtoAVI but got the error: The file format not supported! Yhis WTV file hhad H264 format, please try WTV h264 to MPEG converter"
Do I need to say that Win 7 right clikck menu convert to mrv-ds does not work either.
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