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23 Nov 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

What is the DisplayPort-to-DVI/HDMI/VGA adapter you are using?

I'm currently running Eyefinity with three Samsung 932BW+ monitors (CrossFired 5770)

Obviously, all of my monitors are the same. But, before I bought the Active DisplayPort-to-DVI connector (Accell), I had a passive DisplayPort-to-VGA connector... I had black screen problems with it, thus, the change to an active connector.

Also, I must ask: Are you really using "Eyefinity" or are you just trying to run 3 monitors in extended mode? I ask because the Eyefinity requirement is:
Can I support different resolutions?
All monitors running in a Display Group or cloned modes must be running with the same resolution. If monitors have different native resolutions, the highest common non-native resolution between the monitors will be used when creating Display Groups. Monitors running in extended desktop mode can have independent resolutions.
(AMD Eyefinity FAQs)
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