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23 Nov 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium

Thanks for all the suggestions. It appears to be using sleep and not hibernate, and it looks like hybrid sleep was already turned off (both cases). But I did try to alter some power settings to see if it would alleviate the problem. And maybe I am exaggerating the 5 minutes . But 2-3? Just means a lot of sitting around waiting. It's like the GPS I got for my car, it takes 1.5-2 minutes to acquire a satellite, so I get in the car to punch in the address and I have to sit there and wait.

I guess I wasn't making myself clear to some - yes it SAYS 85% or higher, but it's sluggish and the harddrive is doing something (running up and down the stairs??) so I believe the 85% is misleading (or else RAM activity is low but some other activities are high).

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