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24 Nov 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Weird sound/video issues, possibly virus?

Greetings folks, first timer, long time windows user since like....Win95 I think.

Anyway I was browing the web today when I came across one of those ads that say you have a virus, pop up box, "Press ok to start a virus scan" I don't have an exact screencap of it so sorry if this comes across as vague.

Instead of my usual procedure which consists of unplugging my web and then closing the ad (Something I learned during my time with XP) I closed it and went on with my day, a few minutes later I attempted to watch a video on youtube and the video refused to play, I tried, dailymotion, all wouldn't play.

Also strangely enough Windows Media Player will no longer play my mp3s, they are still physically there in My Music, but whenever I attempt to play anything it gives me the error "Windows media player has encountered a problem while playing the file"

VLC media player will still "Play" the mp3 in that the seek will be moving but there will be no audio.

The speakers still work because I am listening to them with my ipod right now.

I tried Chrome to see if my I.E. was just being a pain but Chrome does the same thing as internet explorer.

Before coming here I did a virus scan with AVAST! Anti-virus which says nothing is wrong.

Whatever is wrong it is recent and has just started today.

My OS is Win7 Home premium 64 bit, the computer it's running on is an Acer Aspire 5517 laptop, and if it helps the anti-virus Program version is 5.0.677 and the Virus definitions version is 101124-1
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