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25 Nov 2010  

windows 7
how to recover lost .mdb files?

first: i am not sure if this is the proper chapter for my question. if you know a better one, please inform me - thanks.

i lost 3 important .mdb files: microsoft office access database files.
after scanning all my hard drives there seems to be one that still has them.
because if i search with the search application 'everything' one of the results shows:
contacts.mdb > F:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-93802578-1502995298-2439517820-1000\$RR9R7V2 >> 66,232 KB
1. inside F: i cannot locate any file/folder as mentioned above
2. within 'everything' the right mouse context menu contains the option 'restore' but that doesn't do anything
3. the app recover my files (and a similar one) bring up the same 3 .mdb files but they contain 0 kb, so recovering recovers nothing.

as far as i remember no new data have been written on F: since i deleted those 3 .mdb files.

what can i still do to recover them?
thanks for helping
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