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25 Nov 2010  

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Are there any tutorials anywhere on how to network a HDTV, HDTV-DVR and a BD-DVD Player?

I would like to tie these three devices into our WNDR37AV (also tied to one Desktop PC via LAN and also two Notebooks on WiFi) networks but I’m not quite sure how this would work.

Do I need to buy another piece of over-priced hardware to handle the streaming between the HDTV DVR and HDTV, or would Media Center on Win 7 handle that by itself on my PC?

I’ve spent a while researching this, but turn up nothing tangible on actually HOW to do it – I just get “you need this, buy that and blah blah blah” but no “here’s how to actually do it” stuff.

So if anyone knows please let me know!

TV is a Samsung 630 @ 55”, BD-DVD Player is a Samsung BD-P1600 and the HDTV DVR is going to be a Motorola-something from Mediacom (which I *THINK* will have an Ethernet port and support Networking, according to the manual’s pictures of the back panel).

I am going to be forgoing "WiFi" on this portion of the network because I don't agree with the completely crazy $80 for the little USB dongles (ARE THEY NUTS?!) and will instead be using cheap CAT6 LAN. Just FYI, but I won't be ordering these until I know without doubt that this is going to work and without the necessity of another very expensive piece of hardware.

As always, thank you in advance!

Edit: Mixed up "BD" with "DB", sorry lol.
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