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26 Nov 2010  

Windows 7 64 Bit

I was able to index my C: drive a few months ago w/out errors, and now no longer able to w/out getting the "windows cannot find" error message. For example, if I uncheck the entire C drive from being indexed, I get no error message. If I add C:/USERS to the index, i get no errors...but if I then add C:/Program Files to the index, I get the "windows cannot find 'search:query=XXX'" error message. (Note: this only happens when I search via the Start Menu search box, and then select "See More Results")

On a related thread to this one (posted in Windows 7 Forums at this link: "windows cannot find 'search:query=XXX'" error message Windows Serach), another user has confirmed that that at least the C: drive Program Files folder can be indexed and searched on a new Windows 7 build w/out producing error message.

So now, I have to figure out and identify what has changed on my C: drive to now cause Windows Search to display the "windows cannot find 'search:query=XXX'" error message after I add folders from my C: drive to the search indexing seems to me that there's some connection between the security/privileges/ownership of the folder and the error message...but beyond that, I have no clue...

Do anyone have any thoughts/advice about what could possibly be causing this error (or how to go about isolating/identifying the cause)?
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