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28 Nov 2010  


I'm not a shooter fan and I loathe multiplayer, but I'm a huge sci-fi nut. To that end, would you guys say the Halo series is worth the purchase for someone who just wants to know what the singleplayer campaign/story is all about?

Yeah, I know it's not high literature but I just want to know whether the story is decent enough to worth playing through the game. Fwiw I enjoyed reading W40K stuff and I don't think I'm too picky about a story as long as it actually has a story, you know, instead of something like id software's Doom (which I did play, but that was the early 1990s - and I did buy the Doom books, which were a hilarious read). Er, and I'm embarrassed to admit I somehow managed to avoid Half Life too - but I've already decided on buying that as well.
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