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29 Nov 2010  

Excel experts, is this an impossible task?

Okay, this is a bit strange and I can't think of any way this could work, but maybe the internet can surprise me...

I have data (text, not numbers) in Sheet1. I concatenate it into Sheet2 as part of a hyperlink. How can I make it so that the whole workbook is only Sheet2 with working hyperlinks? (Yes, I have a practical application of this)

Sheet1!A1 says: page
Sheet2!A1 says: =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("",Sheet1!A1),Sheet1!A1)
Sheet2!A1 actually reads: "page", and it has a hyperlink to ""

Now, how can I condense the workbook to ONLY Sheet2, maintaining not only the text referenced from Sheet1, but the working hyperlinks as well?
So the workbook will have ONE page with cell A1 reading "page" and hyperlinking to ""

Does that make sense?
Is it even possible?
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