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30 Nov 2010  


Solved on here.

Here's the solution:

Public Sub Example()
Dim rngC As Range
Dim lngEndPos As Long
Dim strURL As String, strFriendly As String
For Each rngC In Sheets("Sheet2").Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas).Cells
With rngC
If UCase(Left(.Formula, 11)) = "=HYPERLINK(" Then
lngEndPos = InStrRev(.Formula, ",")
strURL = .Parent.Evaluate(Mid(.Formula, 12, lngEndPos - 12))
strFriendly = .Text
.Hyperlinks.Add .Cells(1), strURL, , , strFriendly
End If
End With
Next rngC
End Sub

Thanks to DonkeyOte over there!
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