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30 Nov 2010  

Windows 7 Pro

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I know this sounds picky, but I would like the screen brightness to stay at one level until I change it, regardless of whether I'm running off battery or AC power.
Hello Jonathan,

I completely agree with RB.

It is extremely inconvenient for me also to have the display change only when I unplug/plug in my computer. I have adjusted everything so that my computer does not dim or anything when I change from battery to AC- that is not the cause of the problem.

The cause of the problem is simply that there is no option to have the display change both the "on battery" setting AND the "plugged in" setting at the same time with the use use of the function key. Or is there??

Unlike RB, It is not just a 'minor inconvenience' as it is a 'major inconvenience' to continually have to change my battery brightness AND my AC brightness individually. Is there somehow I can link both these two "profiles" in this respect??

I would very much appreciate it!

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