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30 Jul 2010  

Custom Made Sig and Avatar [5]

Continued from - Custom Made Sig and Avatar [4]


You Want Custom made signature or an avatar? Then me or another one of our artists here at Sevenforums will make one on your requests you tell us how it should look like, and we will try to make it

How to insert a signature pic:

Go to user CP - Edit Signature - and upload your sig from your PC. When it is done uploading the image, remember to insert the [SIGPIC] [/SIGPIC] (or just click the blue text saying Insert Signature Picture)
This has limitations to max 650x150 pixels and Max size is 250KB
Using IMG tags in your sig linking to sites as tinypic is not allowed, and is disabled.

How to center your Signature:

Apply these tags around the [sigpic] [/sigpic] text or the link to your image

This text is centered



This can also be done to put the image to one of the sides

This text is centered to the left


This text is centered to the right

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