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04 Dec 2010  

W7 Pro 64
need good network storage

I've been using the USB HDD with the router for a while now. It is pretty slow, but I mostly use it with "Always-sync". for some odd reason it all of a sudden comes up with an error while syncing "API call error, The directory name is invalid. (8007010b), file name: Error while copying. I don't really recall what i changed to cause this.

anyway, I'm more exploring the option to have some type of real network storage. I've researched a bit. but the reviews (on Newegg etc.) indicate that many of those are pretty slow (slower than the network or HDD speed would allow. My other beef with those is that they seem to use a proprietary file format. In case the network storage device breaks, i want to be able to just take the disk and plug it in my PC to read the data.

do you have any suggestions for a network storage that is:
- fast (Edit: currently my plan is to use it for backup only, so I can compromise on that as long as it is faster than my current setup)
- uses NFTS HDD or anything else that I can use in a diferent PC without specific hardware/software
- little power consumption
- inexpensive (Edit: but I'm willing to spend money to have one that doesn't change permissions all the time)
- possibly 2+ HDD bays and RAID 1 (mirror), I'd prefer it coming empty so i can chose my own HDDs.
- good cooling of HDDs

From what I've seen the prices to get something decent I might as well built a separate PC to use a s file server. thsi really makes me wonder what the network storage is for when it is not cheaper than a PC (at least not the relatively fast ones)
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