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04 Dec 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 (UPDATE: Now x64!)
Can auto-degauss be disabled via BIOS or s/w?

[SOLVED...uhm, well, cleared my doubt anyway]

You see, I have an LG 700E CRT monitor and the auto-degauss noise at every start-up is very annoying. You know, the fizzing and the popping...

I checked in the monitor's settings but the 'Degauss' option (which I assume means Auto-Degauss) just says 'On'. I tried toggling it but the screen just degauss-es and the option still says 'On'

An alternative way to stop auto-degauss, which I found online, was to do something to the parts inside the monitor, which I am VERY reluctant to do.

So I was wondering if there was some BIOS setting or some software or anything of that sort which can help me circumvent this problem. My objective here is to stop 'auto' degauss, not disable the entire degauss feature...actually, stopping only the noise would be perfect but I know that's not possible...or is it?

Hoping for a quick reply,
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