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05 Dec 2010  

Revo uninstaller

I was going to use revo uninstaller to do both a evidence remover and a junk files cleaner. The evidence remover says it deletes all the files that you delete out of your recycle bin. It says that it only says that it deletes them and it really doesn't. Is it okay to go ahead and let it delete all those files. Also the junk files cleaner says that it cleans all files that programs normally are supposed to do when they are done with them or when they are uninstalled. But sometimes they do not do it. I want to do both. But I want to ask if It is okay to before I do. Are both of those programs safe. I noticed that they both seemed to have quite a bit of stuff in them. Even though I do have a lot of space . I like to keep it as clean as possible.
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