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07 Dec 2010  

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Explorer is a Windows built-in program that let's you see the contents of a drive or folder in a window. Following Johnnya's instructions above, you get what you want.

Windows 7 installs most programs in a folder called Program Files, creating a subfolder for the program. (A 64-bit Windows 7 also uses a folder called Program Files (x86), installing 32-bit programs there and only 64-bit programs to Program Files.)

You find the Program Files folder in Explorer when opening the drive C:

Sharing programs-explorer_1.png

Opening Program Files, you'll see subfolders for your installed software:

Sharing programs-explorer_2.png

Here I have opened the folder for Macrium Reflect, a so called imaging program, wanting to create a shortcut to desktop to start this application. Explorer shows me the content of that folder, and using details view, I can easily find the right file, the application I was looking for:

Sharing programs-explorer_3.png

I select the file, right click it to open so called context menu, go to Send to submenu, and click Desktop. This sends (saves) a shortcut to this application to current user's desktop. Double clicking it launches the application:

Sharing programs-explorer_4.png


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