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08 Dec 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1


Your absolutely right, you do need to install the drivers. In fact Im fairly certain this is part of rcdavis's problem (and I've shown him how to fix it with my post) Unfortunately, once a Printer is installed if you try to print over a network the printer won't print. Why? Because the PC is trying to call the Local Printer, which isn't there. Hence why you need to set up a "Network Local Port" so the PC knows where its dialing.

Think of it like calling someone in the same apartment building as you. At one point, you had an internal line where you could just press a number and it would connect you. Now though, that person has moved, so if you try and dial the same number, you don't get a reply. So you need their new number, so you know where to dial.
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