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11 Dec 2010  

Windows 7 Professional 64
I prefer Vista - at least it never killed my iphone sync :(

Hey guys,

I have an iphone 3gs 3.1.2 on itunes, jailbroken with blackrain. My Windows 7 user account corrupted, so I called Microsoft support and they had me create a new user account, move all my files over (including the appdata folder where itunes keeps it's c drive stuff) and delete the old user account.

When I opened itunes in the new account none of my music or apps appeared (even after setting the media folder to it's correct location in preferences). So I simply dragged and dropped my apps, music etc from explorer into itunes, that worked fine. However when I connect my iphone to itunes, all the sync options that were previously ticked are now unticked and if I tick any, it says all the stuff on the iphone will be deleted and replaced with my itunes content, which is fine for most things, but I have loads of apps with user data (like my high score of 5.7 million in bejewled action mode ) that I don't want to lose.

Does anyone know a way I can get my iphone syncing again without resetting? Why is my iphone not being recognised as registered to itunes - I didn't do anything to the installation, but simply added a new user account? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

PS - I've tried asking around iphone forums with no luck I can't ask Apple tech support either as my iphone is jailbroken.
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