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12 Dec 2010  

Windows 7 64bit
Desktop Hourglass And Arrow Icon Question/Problem ?


Not at all sure if this is W7 related, or due to something else, but thought I'd take the liberty of asking here, as you folks seem to know about "most everything" PC related.

First time this happened.
As is typical apparently, it will probably happen again, and would like to learn about what might be the cause beforehand.

I turn on the PC, and it boots up normally.
All the Desktop items are there, and in place.

But 2 anomolies:

First, the arrow cursor does not appear; only the a hourglass cursor which does not go away. Stays that way indefinitely.

Why might this be ?

But, if I move the cursor (now the hourglass) into any portion of the desktop that is the first third of it in a horiz. direction, it turns into the arrow.

If I move the arrow back horizontally into the right hand 2/3 of the desktop, it turns back to the hourglass.

Vertical positioning has no changes; it's only the horiz. position that results in the hourglass going to the arrow icon.

Any thoughts on this ?

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