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16 Dec 2010  

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

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The OP is missing this, but it may have been mentioned in the replies:
for me the biggest plus point of Pro/Ultimate is Software Restriction Policies in Pro, and AppLocker in Ultimate (the next gen of Softrware Restriction Policies).

I consider SRP (combined with a limited user account) to be a super strong line of defense against malware.
I gather Applocker offers more functionality.
Yes, and some people may well need those services, but I really can't say I do. I -only- got pro because I thought it came with xp (for games) but virtual xp isn't good with games, apparently. Sad day for me when I learned there was nothing I could do. I don't know, maybe its just a game with me trying to find the best cheapest custom computer I can. Compare 3,000$ the first time buying a computer to 1,500$ this last time. Now I'm confident all I need in the future are parts that I install, potentially only costing 300$-800$ every few years or so, depending on how big the upgrade is. I disabled most of Pro's services (as it was built for the office). All I needed was home. But its in the past, and like someone said earlier, I may need pro later. Perhaps one day I suddenly become paranoid and upgrade to ultimate, enacting all security features to lock down my computer more so than the central bank itself

*Edit* Well, unless they have Windows 7 Ultimate themselves, I suppose. Everyone seems to be upgrading to Win 7, including some parts of the military (US)
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