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20 Dec 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
World of Warcraft Slow/Glitchy Windows 7

I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and my World of Warcraft has been running somewhat choppy.

To be honest it is barely noticeable to anyone else but to me I can totally tell since it isn't smooth like it used to be on Windows XP.

It is like every second or so it stalls for the tiniest amount of time (choppy) and during gameplay the overall feel is rough instead of smooth.

All I am saying is that it isn't playing how it used to, not close.

At the wow loading screen with itunes open (and playing music), and firefox open with 4 tabs, and windows task manager open my cpu is between 15-20% and my physical memory is at 56% and the graphics on the cataclysm dragon are just as I described (he looks good, just not smooth).

My framerate was 80-100 in Shattrath city with all graphics on low but the problem is still there.

I set my graphics setting for wow the same as they were before the upgrade from XP AND also to everything being low and disabling all wow sounds.

I can also tell it is glitchy when moving the mouse in a circle (in game), it will blink like every second when all the other graphics glitch for the very short period of time.

Clean install

Plenty of HD space

Posted basic specs in my profile for this forum

Please help and thank you, this is frustrating D:

I can provide any more info needed
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