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20 Dec 2010  

Windows 10 Home Premium 64bit sp1

Belive me we get it .but what you don't get windows xp uses less resourses then windows 7 totally different os

Also if you figure our advice isn't working go ahead and take it to a shop so they will flat out tell you the card is a dinosaur

Only for so long that card will be able to maintain for any mainstream game which you have very little choices anymore I think it is time you invest in uping your gaming card you can spend about 50 bucks and get a much higher quality gpu but........ if you are too stingy to do this then go back to xp that is the only way you will resolve this but please keep in mind xp will run anything better because it is a older os and made to run with slower parts via what you are running

Also if a Gforce 8600 is the minimal for that game now you are way out of spec my friend
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