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20 Dec 2010  

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Most wireless routers or access points allow restrictions based on Network card internal code.
called NIC address.

Most laptops have theri wireless NIC address printed on the bottom of the laptop.

Or, just go to cmd prompt
ipconfig /all

look for the 8 part number like 00-E0-.......
put that in the wireless routers restrict ips to these NIC address and they
can see your router but never get connected.

that plus encryption via WEP should do it.


I believe you are referring too MAC address filtering which can be used as a secondary security layer. Mine even binds the MAC address to a User name so even if the MAC is spoofed or copied they would also need to have the User name of your machine in order to hack into the wireless connection.

You can change the MAC physical address in Windows for most if not all network cards.
  1. Right click on computer->manage
  2. Select device manager double click on your network card
  3. Select the advanced tab
  4. Select Network Address and enter the MAC address you want to use
This can be usable in situations where your ISP has "locked" your connection to a certain MAC address and not assigning any IP address. It's also found in most home routers on the market for this situation.

You can also change the MAC address using the registry.
Change MAC Address or Physical Address Using Registry Editor (regedit) in Windows - TECHRENA

The MAC address shows up as the Physical address under network connection, choose status then "details".

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