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26 Dec 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit

What's going on with all these "Rich" guys.

I hope richc46 isn't right. I am toast!!!
Most of the photos have long since been wiped off the camera's memory. I did make a backup disc a few years ago, but there have been heaps more photos added since then. Of course she has also lost all her other personal stuff including documents, favourites, etc.

The account only took a split second to delete so that's why I think everything is still there (including HD addresses), just can't be accessed by anyone.

As far as giving access via the security settings, surely the only person who can give access is the original User (who is now no more).

I have confirmed that the new account I created has the exact same name ("Cilla"), but windows treats it as a new account.

Please save me from a fate worse than death!!!!

PS I might add my original post into the General Discussion forum, if it doesn't contravene the rules.
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