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26 Dec 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

Deleting was that fast because nothing really was deleted (yet). Windows just declares the clusters involved as unoccupied and free for reuse.So you need a software to find those clusters and link the files back together. Recuva would have been my Tool of choice, too.Good call, rich46.
Best would be to get a portable version on a different computer and start it from a USB stick.
The less you write on that specific harddrive, the better the chances to retrieve those files. That involves also to save the found data to a different drive if possible (perhaps even the USB stick

As far as giving access via the security settings, surely the only person who can give access is the original User (who is now no more).
As can every account with admin privileges...but you need to find those files first.

I have confirmed that the new account I created has the exact same name ("Cilla"), but windows treats it as a new account.
That's just the way it is. Windows (as well as Unix and a few others) don't really care about accounts created with names identical to previously deleted ones .It's a safety precaution.

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